Ricardo da Palma Borges (Managing Partner)

Bruno Botelho Antunes (Salary Partner)

Ana Rita Pereira (Associate)

Marta Carmo (Associate)

José Pedro Barros (Associate)

Carlos Alcântara Neves (Jurist)

Alexandra Gonçalves Marques (Lawyer - In Association)

Catarina Pereira Ventura (Lawyer / Legal Translator)

Isabel Magro (Administrative and Financial Manager)

Filipa Coelho Ferreira (Assistant)

Marta Rêgo (Marketing & Communication)

José Soares (IT Consultant)

RPBA has a small but highly qualified team where each lawyer is first and foremost valued as a person and as a unique individual, being provided with an e-mail address on a first name basis.

Ricardo, Gustavo, Catarina, Bruno and Rita have met at the Lisbon University School of Law, where all six have graduated. They share trust, mutual admiration, and of course a passion for Tax Law. In their view, an independent boutique law firm enables them to be not merely tax professionals but full tax personas - incorporating studying, pro bono, publishing, teaching and association and public activities in their lives -, and to better serve Clients in need of tax talent. 

Subsequently, Marta Carmo, of Nova University of Lisbon School of Law, and, more recently, Carlos, who was Ricardo’s student in the Master’s Degree in Tax Law at the Catholic University and José Barros from Lisbon University School of Law have joined the team.

RPBA’s legal team also relies on the knowledge, support and drive of Isabel, Filipa, Marta Rêgo and José, which enabled a project to be converted into a reality.

Please find below the persons of reference and primary contact for each RPBA Expertise Service.

Organigrama RPBA



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