RPBA's commitment to responsible and sustainable development is structured around four basic principles:


RPBA Social Responsibility


In order to promote better environmental sustainability and reduce our ecological footprint, RPBA adopted the following policies:

► Recycling and separation of waste batteries and office consumables;

► Rational use of energy and paper;

► Efficient use of natural resources.



RPBA integrated several projects that reflect its social concern and community involvement. Through donations and solidarity based actions, RPBA supports and participates in several causes:

 Solidary Survey - Following the completion of the annual Client Satisfaction Survey in 2016, RPBA had the initiative to revert 2 € to the Médicos do Mundo Association (Doctors of the World) for each completed feedback survey received. After accounting for the feedback received, RPBA made a donation of 200,00 €. To learn more about this campaign, please visit the website and the Facebook page of this Association.

► Dar o que Sobrar Campaign (“Surplus Donations” Campaign) – In 2014, RPBA joined this solidarity campaign organized by the Associação Médicos do Mundo (Doctors of the World Association) by collecting and donating surplus pharmaceutical drugs. Again in 2014 RPBA donated 2,500 euros to this association. To read more about these activities, please visit the site and the blog of this Association.

► Autismo EPE – RPBA supports the Autismo EPE project, namely by making available its Marketing and Communication area’s time and expertise. To learn more about this project, please visit their site.

CDR – Ciclismo e BTT, Associação – RPBA supports the project CDR – Ciclismo e BTT, an association that promotes the practice of sport among young people and adults through cycling.

► Pro-Bono – RPBannually sets a number of hours for pro-bono activities. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 RPBA spent on those activities an average of 68 hours per year.



RPBA measures its performance and its quality by the success and satisfaction of its Clients. Accordingly, our commitment to them is thus translated by:

► Respecting their trust and best interests;

► Assuring the confidentiality of their identity, data, and other information;

► Solving problems with proficiency and implementing quality solutions;

► Attaining maximum mutual satisfaction in the search of innovative tax solutions;

► Regularly measuring Clients’ satisfaction in order to ensure the continuous improvement of our services.



RPBA is the sum of its employees, and as such it has a real concern for the satisfaction of its team, while believing in the contribution of each individual in the construction of a greater good. To this end, RPBA promotes:

► Ongoing employee training achieved through annual investment in customized plans;

► Opportunities for personal and professional growth;

► Flexible approach to telecommuting, vacation, maternity or sabbatical leave, etc.;

► Constant investment in hygiene, safety and welfare at work. In 2014, there was an expansion of RPBA’s facilities with the creation of a new reception and waiting area and a spacious meeting room and library.