RPBA Mission Header

RPBA Core Purpose is:

 To unravel tax problems thoroughly and innovatively and to contribute for the advancement and welfare of taxpayers.

RPBA Core Values are:

 Respect for the Clients’ trust and best interests, assuring the confidentiality of their identity, data, and other information;

 Uncompromising excellence on problem-solving and implementation of solutions;

 Personalized attention, undivided dedication and full availability to carefully selected Clients;

 Understanding the uniqueness of our professionals and providing personal and professional growth opportunities for them. We are the sum of our people: their qualities, their initiatives, their intellectual investments and their learning experiences. We want to recruit good people and to see the good in them, to delegate, to have them perform, to hold them accountable, and to make achievers out of them.

RPBA Envisioned Future is to become:

 A law firm recognized in the professional and academic milieus as leader in finding solutions for the most intricate tax questions;

► A last resort tax boutique for other lawyers;

 A place of venture in quality, performance, and personal character in which lawyers and Clients through a continuous common effort, simultaneously preserving our core principles and fostering entrepreneurship, achieve mutual fulfilment in the search of innovative tax solutions.

RPBA Work Rule one and only is:

 Use our best  judgment in all situations. There are no other rules.